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DayZ Frostline Expansion Hits 100k Wishlists on Steam!

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What is Frostline?

The upcoming DayZ expansion, Frostline, promises to plunge players into a new, frigid environment, challenging their survival skills in unprecedented ways. Set in a harsh, winter landscape, Frostline introduces extreme weather conditions, forcing players to adapt to snow-covered terrains and freezing temperatures. This expansion will require innovative strategies and resourcefulness, as players must find ways to keep warm, manage dwindling food supplies, and navigate through treacherous ice-covered regions.

In addition to the environmental changes, Frostline brings new gameplay elements and features. Expect a range of winter-themed gear and clothing, essential for combating the cold. The expansion also includes new structures, such as snow-covered cabins and frozen lakes, adding depth and variety to exploration and shelter options. With Frostline, DayZ continues to evolve, offering a fresh and immersive survival experience that tests the limits of players’ endurance and adaptability.

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