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NEO Farmers DayZ Servers

New to DayZ? No problem!
Learn, survive, thrive with our welcoming community.

DAYZ – Game Servers

Welcome to NEO

The NEO Family of DayZ servers started as a place for people to learn the game without fear of being shot, by a fully geared player who came to the coast to kill fresh spawns.  

NEO was intended to be a stopping point, where players would be able to come in and learn how to survive, find food, fish hunt, and drive a car to explore the map.  However, it grew in ways we never expected!  We still have our share of new people who come in and then leave a few weeks later after learning how things work, but we also provide a resting place for more experienced players who got tired of being shot for no reason as well. 

These same experienced players often help new players, by mentoring, teaching, and helping out with questions.  It’s become a community like no other in the game of DayZ.

Staffed by active admins who play DayZ as much as they can, we listen and try to help people but ensure that people trying to learn the game aren’t left more discouraged.

Perfect for Noobs and Experienced Players

Why play DayZ on NEO Servers?

Welcoming Community

Our server and discord are full of friendly people who enjoy helping and playing the game. You will consider many of them close friends.

Great Place To Learn & Grow

With experienced players who will help answer questions, offer to pick you up and show you the ropes, or show you the way, it’s a great place to learn the basics.

Easier For Maximum Fun

Spawn in with a few useful items to help get started, higher loot on coast, make it a great place to start and learn the game. Oh don’t forget, cars are complete and ready to drive.

DayZ Maps and Servers

Our Most Popular Servers / Maps


Clockwork Chernarus

PvP Death Match

NEO Farmers DayZ In Action

Image Gallery

Northern Trading Alliance
Coastal Common Area (Aka Southern Trader)

11k +