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NEO Farmers was started by my wife (Suzie) and I (Kirk)  We played DayZ and constantly got killed by someone camping on the coast.  We knew the DayZ was harsh and this was possible but it seemed senseless as we were just trying to harvest apples or plant a garden.  It made no sense to us that some fully geared player would find it fun to kill people just starting out.  We tried a bunch of servers that promised, friendly and helpful, cars ready to drive, etc… But they never lived up to the claims.

So we continued to be senselessly murdered, and die of starvation and disease on the coast of Chernarus.  We learned to live with the cars never being at the spawn points.  Or on rare chance when you finally got a car, not being able to drive because the server just couldn’t handle the load

About to give up on DayZ and move on with our lives (in hindsight that would have been a good thing), we tried one last server and it was AMAZING  everything we could have asked for as new players!  

It was the Farmers Association, and we were fortunate enough to enjoy it for several months.  Then sadly it closed down.  We were pretty bummed out.  Far from competent players we could go back to struggling and try to find a server that suited our needs or create our own.  Obviously, we created our own.

We struggled for a worthy name.  Then one day, as I drove down the freeway, alongside of me was a construction company truck. The big logo said NEO, and then in smaller print Northeast Ohio something…  It was the perfect name, a double meaning as we live in Northeast Ohio, but also NEO being new.  It was the birth of the NEW Farmers Association.