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NEO DayZ Rules

Because the NEO family of servers covers a range of play styles and skill levels, if in doubt, play according to this rule:

These servers are for everyone, 
play in a way so others will
continue to come back.

We would rather play, so if there is a rule here it is because there has been a lesson learned the hard way while hosting the server.

Most players will never have a reason to contact or be contacted by the admins.  But occasionally things happen, and we’re human too, so if we can talk and come to an agreement it’s for the best.  

Our primary communication platform is Discord. You should most definitely join!  (We also have a Steam account under the name NEO-Farmers that we can also reach out on).  Remember, our admins volunteer their time, so while we’ll do our best, contact options are limited.   We will make an effort but there are only so many steps we can take. For more complex issues, we utilize a “direct” (but effective) method by issuing temporary bans while prompting you to contact us.

Remember our primary goal was to play and have fun!  Allow people to explore the map, see and do things you couldn’t do before in DayZ.

You probably ended up here at NEO Farmers DayZ Servers for the same reason.  So, just be mindful not to ruin the experience for someone else. 

General Conduct:

  • DO NOT DO ANYTHING  that will cause people to NOT WANT to play here.
  • This should go without saying but, no hate speech, sexism, racism, etc.
  • No advertising of other servers.
  • Leave the server better than you found it.  If you see vehicles that are damaged, destroy them so they will respawn for others’ enjoyment. Remove debris from the road even if you didn’t place it, etc.
  • No posting of other people’s locations, identifying information, or photos of bases in Discord.  It’s probably not even a good idea to post your own. Operational Security!!!
  • No combat logging / no logging out inside another person’s base.  
    Combat logging is The act of logging off or otherwise closing a game during combat to avoid defeat, destruction, and/or damage.
  • If you choose to join a faction, club, gang, cult or just share a base with someone, when it goes wrong (it always does at some point) we will not intervene.
  • NEO Chernarus Noob Friendly Server is NO KOS.  Meaning “NO killing on sight” There are very specific instances where killing is allowed (see below).
    • SUBSTANTIAL /SIGNIFICANT interaction MUST be had before any violence occurs.  Example: You may kill another player to defend your base or protect your property. You may not kill them just for walking close to your base.
    • IF you kill someone in self defense or protection of property please submit a ticket so we have a heads up and aren’t investigating unnecessarily.
  • The Vybor AIrfield commonly known as NWAF on Chernarus is considered PvP and you may kill another player without prior interaction.
  • At the end of the day, the admin(s) have the final say.

Base Building and Raiding

  • Building at OR near points of interest is NOT allowed.  Points of interest are special markers on izurvive map, Police and Fire Stations, Hospitals, Castles, Summer/Resort Camps, Wells, Named Locations (Radio Zenit) ANY Named Military Installation.  See military section below.
  • If you violate the rules and build in one of these areas you will be asked to remove your base. You WILL NOT receive a warning.
    • A player(s) that discovers your illegal base should submit a ticket. But may not raid.
    • Illegal bases are considered no different than any other base, unauthorized raiding will subject raider to possible ban.
  • Please be considerate when building your base.  It’s fun to play servers like NEO where you can find supplies to build large bases, but this also causes problems for some players.  Not everyone lives in an area with the fastest internet.  So excessively large bases can cause lag for these players and reduce overall server performance.
  • You should be reasonable in your build. It is acceptable to wall off a moderate section to secure your vehicle but is not ok to wall off several buildings, or try to enclose a large farm/courtyard.
  • It would be preferred to not build close to major highways. Figure the northern highway, the eastern highway and the southern highway. Because cars are a primary feature of NEO building close to highway can make driving difficult.
  • Do not hoard items excessively. The serves are set up so that if people die, it’s fairly easy to get back to where you were. Generally holding on to things won’t keep others from finding most items, BUT it will drag down the performance of the server.
  • Please don’t abuse the build-anywhere system to keep an excessive number of items.  For example, stacking tents on top of tents. We can not maintain the server and try to contact everyone that violates this rule. Your storage may simply be deleted without warning.
  • One base per player.  If you are part of a group and that is your primary play location, then that should be considered your base, even if multiple people built it.  If you just helped someone build a base but you primarily play in a different place (logging in and logging out/significant amount of time) then that location is considered your base.  Exceptions to the rule, you may build shelters and stash crates, etc as a way to ensure you have supplies when needed.
  • Users found to be raiding are subject to permanent ban.
  • With regrets the admins can not replace your items lost in a raid nor can they provide information about the banned player or their location.
  • Base exploration without permission is frowned upon. If a raid does occur and your information shows up in the logs at best it makes you look suspicious. At worse it greatly increases the time necessary to resolve a ticket. You are advised not to snoop in other players bases.
  • Building near points of interest – You should have at least a 100-meter boundary between a point of interest and your base. Points of interest are hospitals, police and fire stations, any named location in the DayZ Wiki i.e. Radio Zenit. This list is not all encompassing please use your best judgment. Building and close to these areas impacts the spawn points. Your base will be asked to remove your base.
  • Building near military bases – You should have at least a 500-meter boundary between a military base, and your base.  This will be measured using  These are also displayed on our sponsored Izurvive map at: The information below will help identify the distance. As the Military base at Stary Sobor does not have a military tower the Civilian tower shown on izurvive will be used in place of the sniper tower. Please be aware that there are penalties for unauthorized raiding.
Consider the marker(s) as defined by izurvive. 
The markers considered military are
barracks and guard (sniper) towers.
Better to just not build near these areas.   
  • Don’t build in a way that deprives others, defies physics, or causes lag and you should be fine.

Vehicle Rules

  • Please destroy any vehicle that is not being actively used. 

    To destroy a vehicle the best way is to pull the radiator and place it in the trunk.  Start the car and put it in neutral. At this point, you may leave the area and the car will destroy itself.
  • Please do not strip vehicles of parts without blowing them up! Do not leave vehicle parts on side of the road.  If you do not need the parts, or trunk contents, either destroy them or take them with you. Don’t litter!
  • Vehicles will reset on Friday mornings. This will occur between 6 AM and 7 AM.

Server-Specific Rules

Want more info on a specific server? Please see individual server pages for rules specific to each map. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Accordion Example

It takes a long time for the servers to populate on the Official Launcher. This is an issue on Bohemia’s end. The best thing to do is search Neo Farmers under the Community Tab. It may take a while, but they will appear. Once they do, we recommend you click the star to add them to your Favourites Tab, so you never have to search again! They will always appear under Favourites going forward!

Another option would be to start the game with the DZSA Launcher, which is a third-party game launcher. Many players have had better success finding our server listings through this launcher! To download the DZSA Launcher click here

It is recommended that you set your in-game name. It just makes it easier for us to admin and when you meet people it provides a way for them to know whom they are speaking with. Here is a helpful resource to help you set your in-game name.

DayZ is also a game about loss. The sooner you get used to the losses, the happier DayZ player you’ll be.

Most players, follow the rules, but if you have any issues, feel free to submit a support ticket in Discord and we’ll do our best to investigate and resolve it.

The best thing to do in this situation is to submit a support ticket in Discord and an admin will investigate the KOS for you.