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NEO Farmers DayZ
Clockwork Chernarus

You’ve learned how to survive. Now can you?

Welcome to NEO Clockwork Chernarus, Survivor!


This server isn’t just another DayZ experience. It’s the final home for seasoned DayZ veterans. Faced the Chernarus wilderness, honed your skills, delt with bandits, think you’re tough? It’s time to push your limits in a world crafted for hardened survivors. Where having allies mean surviving another day.

Thrilling Features:

  • Anti-Cheat Sanctuary: Say goodbye to blatant cheaters! Focus on what matters – outsmarting the environment and other players. Active admins who stop cheaters but don’t interfere in your game play.
  • Balanced Challenge: Experience the true DayZ fear of loss alongside with the need to change up your game play as the dynamics of economy change. What works today, might not be a viable path tomorrow.
  • Stamina Reworked: Explore further with a sensible stamina boost.
  • Build Anywhere Freedom: Forget flat ground limitations! Construct your base exactly where you want it, using vanilla, Base Building Plus or Underground Bases.
  • Thriving Traders & Dynamic Missions: Earn your rewards! Engage with NPC traders, Blackmarket and embark on thrilling missions to add purpose and long-term goals to your survival journey.
  • Blazing-Fast Performance: Unleash your full potential on our powerful dedicated server. Experience DayZ at its smoothest ever.

Ready to face the ultimate test, Survivor? Join NEO Clockwork today!
Server is for PC Players

Map Specific Rules

  • NO RAIDING!!! (temporary rule).
  • Common sense rules, no hate speech, racist comments, or sexually offensive behavior.
  • Don’t camp the coast and kill fresh spawns.
  • Basically don’t be a jerk!
  • No use of BPP Ladder for Raiding.