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NEO Farmers DayZ
Clockwork Chernarus

You’ve learned how to survive. Now can you?

Welcome to Clockwork Chernarus

THIS SERVER IS IN OPEN TESTING EXPERIMENTAL MODE – Expected to be finalized in September 2023

This server is intended to be a final home for NEO players. You’ve come and learned the game with us, now play it in our version for experienced players. Play without the worry of hackers and blatant cheaters but still have the fear and excitement of possible loss.

There are a few perks like a slightly higher chance of guns having ammo early on. As you progress inward you will have a slightly improved stamina and can build on unlevel ground. Traders and missions to give you the ability to have an end game and goals.

Runs on a powerful dedicated server* so performance is fantastic!
Server is for PC Players

Map Specific Rules

  • Common sense rules, no hate speech, racist comments, or sexually offensive behavior.
  • Don’t camp the coast and kill fresh spawns.
  • Basically don’t be a jerk!