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NEO Farmers DayZ Chernarus

The original and longest running NEO Farmers DayZ Map

Welcome to Chernarus

NEO Farmers Cherno is the longest-running of the NEO Family of servers and the most friendly server you are likely to find. This is where many new players come after getting killed by cheaters and starvation on the official servers.

It’s primary purpose was to allow new players to get a feel for the game in a PVE environment. But many players never leave!

NEO Farmers Cherno is a modified vanilla server. There are a few quality of life improvements, but no mods to install. It offers some early spawn perks but reductions at higher tiers. Beginner loot is easy to find and spawns in good condition.  Many of the guns will spawn with bullets so you aren’t carrying a gun you’ll never find bullets for.

Cars are ready to drive, you just need to take the water and gas from the trunk and fill the engine. Or you can spawn a car at will so you can get driving instantly!

The PVE environment provides a great opportunity to explore the map and see all the many things that are out there without the fear of being killed by someone for no reason. Many new players come in and an equal amount of experienced players are there to help show them the ropes. This includes popular loot runs, how to build a fire, how to hunt, or anything else you’d possibly want to know.

NEO Chernarus is a community-oriented server. During your visit, be sure to stop by the Southern Trader between Cherno & Elektro. We also have a Norther Trade Alliance located near pond at Zaprudnoe. Drop by for a visit, and shoot the breeze with friends!

We also have Survivor Missions – Simply find a radio and tune in the mission frequency at 89.5. Follow the instructions and localization info on that channel.

You’ll never run out of things to do!

Runs on a powerful dedicated server* so performance is fantastic.
Server is for PC Players

Map Specific Rules

This is a beginner, noob-friendly, server. If you see someone else, talk with them. Help them out if you can. DO NOT SHOOT OTHER PLAYERS, unless:

  • You are BOTH within the chain link fence boundary of the Northwest Airfield (NWAF). This is the only place where KOS is allowed.
  • You are provoked or fired upon by another player.

If you break this rule, you will be instantly banned from this server.

  • All cars will reset Friday between 6 and 7 AM EST. Vehicles are meant to be easy transportation around the map, not storage.
  • If you decide to leave your vehicle, please destroy it by running without a radiator until it smokes to allow it to respawn for other players.
  • You are encouraged to build a base. To make this easier, flags are not required. However, the persistence of walls and storage is set low to help clean up abandoned bases. A flag will double the amount of time that items last.
  • Do not horde gear, only store what you need to help improve server performance.
  • Because of abuse camo nets are being removed from NEO Chernarus. They were only intended for camouflage not decoration. They cause major lag on the server and have been removed.
  • NEO discourages the spawning of replacement items and teleportation of players. In the event of a cheater there may be exceptions for 1 or 2 rare items, but in general do not ask or expect the admins to replace items.