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Our Servers

A place to play DayZ for everyone!

Below you will find a very brief overview of the NEO Family of DayZ Servers. Click on any that look interesting for more information.


The longest-running server in the NEO Family. This is the map that comes with the game, so it’s where most people start. It’s usually the highest population of players so it’s a good place to start and learn the basics.

Clockwork Chernarus

When you know how to play and want to really prove that you “can” play. The map is our version for more experienced players and where we hope most people will all their long term home. It is currently be reworked and expected to be finalized in September.

Explosion Playground

This is just a fun map to give you a chance to explore different things that explode. Grab a grenade launcher off the table and practice hitting the mannequins. Set up an IED and try to blow up some different things.

PvP Death Match Battle Arena

Spawn in at one of several random places on the map with random (and sometimes comical attire) and then kill each other. A good way to practice gun handling skills.