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Everything You Need to Know About DayZ Update 1.22

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Survivors, rejoice! Update 1.22, has arrived, packed with fixes, tweaks, and fresh content that’s set to redefine your experience.

This update shines with the addition of new low-tier bags and a comprehensive rework of existing backpacks. Plus, larger backpacks are now a rarer find, adding to their value.

Melee combat enthusiasts, get ready for finely-tuned changes. Bleeding mechanics now account for attire attributes, while damage and protection values have been meticulously rebalanced to emphasize the distinction between tools and weapons.

Optimization also takes the stage, enhancing the server browser experience. Player counts are now clearly displayed on both the game and PC launcher, with improved usability and swift tab-switching. Queue frustrations due to outdated mods are eradicated – the new login procedure includes an upfront data integrity check.

Lastly, the much-awaited Halloween event! As October approaches, prepare for spine-tingling surprises and treats. Until then, relish boundless adventures in the immersive realm of DayZ.

Update 1.22 weaves player feedback and developer ingenuity, enhancing the survival narrative stitch by stitch. Dive into the enriched universe this update unfolds, and continue your survival saga with a fresh twist.

About NEO Farmers
NEO Farmers was founded in 2021 by a husband & wife team from Ohio who wanted the benefit of a PVE Dayz community server, but with the experiences of a mod-free vanilla environment. Since then, NEO Farmers has grown into a strong community of over 500 active Dayz players! For more information, please visit or Join our Discord Channel.