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Exciting Updates in DayZ’s 1.25 Experimental Release

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DayZ’s latest experimental release, version 1.25, brings a plethora of enhancements and new features for players to explore.

1.25 focuses on refining the gameplay experience with significant quality-of-life improvements, including better vehicle mechanics and inventory management. Notably, there’s the introduction of new weapons and crafting options, providing players with more tools for survival. The update also addresses several bugs and exploits, ensuring a smoother and more balanced gaming experience. Join the experimental servers to test these new features and provide valuable feedback.

Livonia will now be FREE!

With the release of update 1.25, DayZ’s base game and the Livonia DLC will merge into a single product. This aims to streamline the game’s offerings and enhance accessibility, uniting the communities of both the base game and the DLC across all platforms. Although there will be a slight price increase due to the added value of the new product, it will be more affordable than the current DayZ Livonia Bundle. This integration prepares for future developments and elevates the player experience.

For a detailed breakdown of all the changes, visit the official DayZ update page.

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