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Namalsk is Here!

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After a short hiatus, NEO Farmers Namalsk is back, with exciting new mods and the 1.20 update! In this article, we will go over the new mods added, and other changes that have happened in Namalsk since the 1.20 update.

What is Namalsk?

Namalsk is a feature-rich community-built map within Dayz that puts players to the test in a frozen post-apocalyptic environment. The NEO Farmers Namalsk Server is designed for both beginners and expert players, so everyone can find something that fits their gaming style. You won’t be alone on Namalsk – take part in the vibrant and growing community of players who team up to explore the world and fight off the infected. With powerful features, you can team up to survive together – or go solo and show your skills off in hostile environments filled with the infected.

The Namalsk Server Rules have also been updated. It’s also a good idea to check that out to ensure we are all on the same page in this barren No Man’s Land!

Now that you’re up to speed on Namalsk, let’s go over the new mods!

Build Anywhere

This Dayz mod will allow items and objects to be placed anywhere that the vanilla game normally would not allow. A huge enhancement to gameplay, especially if you like to base build! Visit the Steam Workshop for more info!

Windstride Clothing

Windstride gives players more clothing options catered to a civilian look, including ponchos, skate sneakers, and the custom-slotted canvas backpack. Check out the Steam Workshop for more info on Windstride.

Image courtesy of Windstride Clothing

SIX DayZ Auto Run

A simple one key-bind auto-run mod. Your hand will thank you! More info on this mod can be found here!

Schana Party

Schana allows you to create parties and displays the nametags of party members. Handy in a snowstorm! Want to read more on Schana? Visit the Steam Workshop!

Ear Plugs

Toggle your sound effect volume so you can hear voice chat easier. No more having to change your audio settings every time you hop in a vehicle! Learn more about the Ear Plugs mod here!

ToFu Virtual Storage

Store your storage in virtual storage within virtual storage! Jokes aside, ToFu includes new barrels which will store players’ items outside the DayZ database to increase server performance. Save your memory with this beast! Visit Steam Workshop for more details.

Body Bags

With this mod, a body will turn into a body bag when a player dies. Bodybags persist beyond server restarts, giving you more time to retrieve your fallen contents. More details can be found on the Steam Workshop!

Dabs Framework

Dabs Framework is designed to give modders and server owners tools to help them create new mods for the community.

VPP Admin Tools

Vanilla Plus Plus Admin Tools adds administration tools that help communities manage their players while keeping the installation/ configuration process simple.

Namalsk Survival

Description from the Steam Workshop:
Experience the harsh climate of Namalsk in the way it was always intended. Contains various survival-focused features such as an event system with snow and EVR storms, frozen food mechanics, cold resistance skills, and frostbite. Also contains custom clothing and items plus unique ambient background music for Namalsk.

Namalsk Island

Description from the Steam Workshop:
An abandoned post-Soviet Aleutian archipelago with a bone-chilling climate setting, with hundreds of new assets, visual effects, and environmental sounds creating together a unique atmosphere. Derelict Cold War military installations, underground structures, broken-up sea ice, and many other unique features and points of interest.

For more info on Namalsk Survival & Namalsk Island, visit the official website.

Community Framework

This is a Community framework for DayZ Standalone. More info can be found on the Steam Workshop page.

We hope you enjoyed reading! Now it’s time to go experience NEO Farmers Namalsk for yourself! Good luck on your survival journey!

About NEO Farmers
NEO Farmers was founded in 2021 by a husband & wife team from Ohio who wanted the benefit of a PVE Dayz community server, but with the experiences of a mod-free vanilla environment. Since then, NEO Farmers has grown into a strong community of over 500 active Dayz players! For more information, please visit or Join our Discord Channel.