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What to Expect with Update 1.25

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Update 1.25 is now live! What can you expect when you jump into the game?

Ambient Music

A key feature of the update is the long-awaited inclusion of ambient music. Dayz has collaborated with Czech composer Dikolson to craft a subtle and immersive background score that enhances your experience as you explore different areas of the game throughout the day.

Currently, there are about 70 minutes of music available, with more on the way. If you’d like to enjoy this beautiful music outside of DayZ, you can find it on the Steam store page or in your Steam library under Soundtracks.

Other Sound Updates

The ambient tracks aren’t the only audio enhancement in Update 1.25. This update also brings the first overhaul of firearm sounds, including revamped sounds for shotguns, the crossbow, and the grenade launcher. The devs have also adjusted the distance at which you can hear a player’s actions, which was previously set to 50 meters for all actions.

To address the issue of items disappearing from the inventory when using quick slots or performing certain actions, restrictions are now in place for the use of items in nested containers like cooking pots and protector cases through quick slots. Furthermore, Update 1.25 introduces a new long-range bolt-action firearm, the VS-89, which comes with a 10-round magazine.

That’s it for update 1.25. 1.26, will be released together with DayZ Frostline later this year. Exciting times are ahead!!

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