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Clockwork Chernarus PVP Server Is Here

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It’s been a busy week in the NEO world. NEO Farmers Clockwork Chernarus has officially opened! As of now, it is NEO’s closest version of the Vanilla Dayz experience!

Clockwork is intended to be a final home for NEO players. You’ve learned the game with us, now it’s time to graduate to our version of Vanilla Dayz. Play without the worry of hackers and cheaters. The admins do their best to get rid of them as quickly as possible!

Server Specifics

  • You will spawn in with better gear, provided you set your in-game name (People named “Survivor” yikes I feel for ya!)
  • You can build a base anywhere
  • You can raid bases unlimited
  • As you progress inward you will have slightly improved stamina and can build on unlevel ground.
  • Clockwork runs on a powerful dedicated server so performance is fantastic!
  • For PC Players only


  • Just don’t be a jerk. Don’t camp the coast don’t kill fresh spawns etc.

Be sure to give Clockwork a try and let us know what you think! Good Luck, Survivors!

About NEO Farmers
NEO Farmers was founded in 2021 by a husband & wife team from Ohio who wanted the benefit of a PVE Dayz community server, but with the experiences of a mod-free vanilla environment. Since then, NEO Farmers has grown into a strong community of over 500 active Dayz players! For more information, please visit or Join our Discord Channel.