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NEO Farmers Wipe & Update Schedule

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Because of the timing of 1.21 release date and the upcoming US holiday I will not be taking update day off from real life work, but will update servers after work.

Most NEO Servers will simply be updated, as of right now unless there are unforeseen incompatibilities.

NEO Livonia – Will host an event on Saturday May 27th and after the event will wipe and switch over to a newly collection of mods that have been in the works for many weeks. The IP address is likely to change as well.

NEO Chernarus – Pay attention this is the complicated one.

The server will have a save point on Friday afternoon/evening (where whatever happens you won’t end up with more or less stuff).

Friday evening/late afternoon Purge Night will begin. Extra guns and stuff will spawn in, explosives etc… You can go blow up your old neighbors base and snoop around. Kind of like the movie there aren’t really any rules don’t be a jerk though, most people still don’t want to die. Team up and knock down some walls together. It’s more fun than you would think!

On Saturday May 27th the server will wipe and all cars, bases etc.. will reset. Your character WILL NOT. What you had on your person PRIOR TO the save point will be in your inventory. The server will revert from temporary IP address to one of the two permanent IP addresses (as noted on the NEO Buck, see my other blog post).

People will be encouraged to then join the event on Livonia have some fun, or simply start rebuilding their base on NEO Chernarus while living happily ever after.

NEO Clockwork – WILL NOT WIPE. Files will be updated on Tuesday when the update comes out and people will eat drink, play and be merry.

NEO Deer Isle – WILL NOT WIPE. Files will be updated sometime before end of the weekend.

NEO Namalsk – WILL NOT WIPE. Files will be updated sometime before the end of the weekend if not before.

NEO Playground – WILL NOT WIPE. Cross bow and other updates will be added in so that you can experience the crossbow right away. Possibly even spawn in with it, then go and shoot NPC on the NEAF. One of my favorite NEO servers, I don’t understand why more of you don’t take advantage of it.