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Featuring insightful videos pertaining to the DayZ community!

Self Spawn Cars Now Available

All players have the ability to type in a simple command and have a car fall from the sky just a few feet away. A fantastic way to explore the map, meet people, and have fun!

Lakeside Community Area Video

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Sometimes you just want to experience something different, away from the grind of everyday post-apocalyptic DayZ survival. That’s something you will always find at the Lakeside Community Area.

The Wireframe World of DayZ

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Back in 1.19, DayZ added a new hidden menu revealing information about how the game works, such as displaying the model, bullet, and collision hitboxes of players, objects, and buildings in game.

All Dayz 1.20 Changes

In this video, WOBO goes over the new items added, new mechanics, weight changes, water weight, ADS bug fixes, vehicle changes, and other changes.