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What to Expect with Update 1.25

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Experience DayZ Update 1.25: ambient music, reworked firearm sounds, new audio distances, and the VS-89 bolt-action rifle. Dive in now!

DayZ – Update 1.23 Out Now

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DayZ’s Update 1.23 is now live on Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation. Bringing you New NWAF, Enhanced Skies, DMR Rifle, and many more new features!

Could Crossbows be Coming Back to DayZ?

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Today, DayZ teased a picture on Twitter showing a trash pile and little other context. Twitter followers began to speculate on what the hint was within the trash pile. One of the speculated items is a crossbow. Can you see it?

DayZ Releases New 1.20 Patch

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Bohemia Interactive has released another patch for the DayZ’s 1.20 update. This patch includes bug fixes and improvements to the game, such as disabling the kick messages displayed publicly, and game crashes. With this patch update, players can now enjoy an improved gaming experience with DayZ’s 1.20 update!

Steam Spring Sale is Still In effect

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Spring 2023 is finally here! As part of the Spring Sale, you can get DayZ at an incredible 40% off on Steam. If you have been thinking of purchasing DayZ and joining the NEO Farmers server, now is the time!